So, I *HAVE TO* have a web page. That's what people have kept telling me. Here it is, complete with the keywords "Seattle," "Pagan," and "Occult." The web page is here to advertise the store, occasionally updated with new products, possibly someday information coming near to a classes and events schedule (maybe), and regularly providing a forum for me to vent. There's no guest book, as I can't control what people might write. There's no e-mail address either. If you want to talk to me, call the store. EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS is an Occult Pagan store. I hate the New Age. I hate it. I hate ear-candles, Depak Chopra books, and anything in pastels. You are not evolving into a Pleiadean Galactic anything, and the dolphins that people swim with would be much happier living free. I love Paganism and the Occult. I love it. I love Witchcraft and Ceremonial Magick, I love Orisha worship, I love Goddess worship, I love Polytheism in its many forms. I love candles, incense, Tarot cards, and all the props and supplies of sorcery, and I love the "vain idols" adored by the heathen. I love symbolism and symbolic jewelry, even if the meaning is only significant to the person wearing it. I love books of arcane, forbidden knowledge, and academic studies of ancient religions, as well as the latest Neo-Pagan paperback; and I even love cheesy spell books, at least it's MY kind of cheese. I also love knowing that the store is helpful to people who love similar things. So, the next time someone mentions a "Metaphysical Store" or a "Wellness Center," puke on their shoes and run, don't walk, to EDGE OF THE CIRCLE BOOKS. Thank you. Robert